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Black Authors Matter Tour

Featured Authors 

Patrick Dorman

Patrick Dorman is a truck driver and an aspiring entrepreneur. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica on June 12th, 1983 to Easton Dorman and Joyce Jacques. Patrick graduated from St. Jago High School and was attending Portmore Community College before he migrated to the United States of America. At a young age, seeing his father have several investments (land, sugar cane fields, and livestock) and own a business (grocery store); it was always imbedded to always have your own. He followed in his father’s footsteps, which led him to ownership. He began his own egg production business. Patrick migrated to the US, however, the mentorship, guidance, and desire to recommence owning his own business never left. Patrick always liked the transportation business, which led to him getting his CDL. He drove for companies like Steven Transport, FedEx, and UPS. Patrick met his lovely wife Chrisandra Simon – Dorman, they have a great family. Patrick and his wife have a trucking company together. They have pondered going back into farming, there is no doubt that farming is hard work, but it also provides peace and tranquility. 


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Michelle Dawkins has been a certified trainer for over 25 years. She has spent the last 15 years specializing in occupational safety and health, both as a trainer and consultant. She is a trainer who has a passion for worker education & training. Her experience covers several areas including construction industries, chemical companies, environmental remediation, manufacturing, department of transportation shipping, and handling of hazardous materials, risk management in automotive and related industries.

She graduated from the Alabama State University where she obtained a B.S in Biology/Chemistry and is currently a candidate for her Master’s degree in Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University.  Aside from her university degree, she has made great exploits in her field which has endlessly pushed her to acquire more knowledge which she focuses on sharing with workers in an effort to create a culture of safety.

Michelle finds her passion for training people rewarding because she derives great satisfaction from doing it. She has a contagious enthusiasm for training individuals that society often overlooks, many deemed unemployable, undereducated, or mislabeled as unmotivated or hard-to-serve. She leverages her stellar people skills with proven leadership qualities which have allowed her trainees to excel proving that given the right training and opportunities individuals can and will excel resulting in a more than the exceptional return on investment. 

Ultimately, Michelle is gifted with a compassionate and easygoing personality. She has been a breakthrough and an embodiment of vitality to people she has trained. Many of the individuals she trained participated in major national cleanup efforts: 2005 Train Derailment, Grantville, SC; 2005 Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 BP Oil Spill. 

Michelle is originally from Springfield, MA, and states her desire to attend an HBCU came to fruition at the age of 17.  She later became a first-generation college graduate.  She states her summers spent visiting her grandparents in the south had a profound impact on her and she is forever grateful for those experiences.

Michelle is the mother of two daughters, Latojia who resides in Charlotte, NC, and Shani who resides in the Metro Atlanta area.  She also has two adorable grandsons Logan and Landen. She states her family represents the “wind beneath her wings.”


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