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The Rites of Passage Initiative is a multi-level program aimed to address risk factors that make adolescents more susceptible to developing violent behavior, such as social or cognitive problems, associating with peers who are violent, beliefs that support the use of violence, and academic failure or poor commitment to school and community. We also work to: 

  • Strengthen the capacity of students to develop positive behavior and resist violence by addressing social, emotional, and behavior problems, skill-building, leadership development, talents/interests, and self-confidence.

  • Develop partnerships with agencies and employers to provide educational and vocational advancement training based on students interests



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Training Men to Succeed

The ECRA began in April 2004 with the mission of training men to be responsible, productive, and law-abiding citizens. Through a focused 6-8-week training course, we equip men from all walks of life with the mental tools to make better decisions, eliminate erroneous belief systems and establish a “Web of Support” for sustained success. The web of support concept employs methodologies such as lectures, relationship development, small group discussions and one-on-one interaction to create positive change in the lives of men. ECRA has proven effective in helping graduates achieve improved health & employment, positive behavior changes, reduced substance abuse, more community involvement, and healthier happier families. With this model, ECRA will bring positive change to men’s lives locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.




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The Manhood Empowerment Games (MEGs) is an initiative of Men Magnifying Manhood designed to reinforce and energize our ongoing mission to magnify manhood worldwide in the areas of Identity, purpose, and responsibility. We want to tap into the competitive spirit we all have as men and channel our MANPOWER through a friendly competition among members and potential members to take our movement to the next level! In the game of life, we are the home team and the opposition is dead set on destroying the sacred principles of manhood and this initiative represents a collective unifying declaration in the name of GOD - NOT ON MY WATCH!!!



One of our most exciting events we host, the Barbershop Salon Forum is a truly magical event that brings together all of the fun, laughter, and insightful discussion you hear in the Barbershop or the Salon. For men, it's a sneak-peak into what happens in the hair salon, and a chance to hear female perspective men don't often get to hear. And, for the women, it provides valued insights into male issues and mentality they are not often privy to. We cover issues ranging from mental health to marriage and relationships. Be sure to register for our next event get inspired! 

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