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Empowering Men, to Empower

Empowerment. Everyone wants it and everyone needs it. No one can function without it. Parents, children, teachers, employees and employers, sports players or politicians, everyone needs to be empowered.

Hello brothers. I am glad you got connected to this blog. It is an aspect of our Men Magnifying Manhood Movement. It was created with you in mind. The movement is all about empowering men so men can magnify manhood. Our mission is to magnify manhood world-wide. We believe that one , if not the greatest deficit societies are facing is the deficit of real manhood.

Douglas Wilson made a profound quote: " If the boys don't learn, then men won't know." Manhood is not automatic> Being a male is a result of birth but being a man is a result of learning and doing. Learning to accept and shoulder responsibilities. Learning to make quality decisions. Learning to empower others and improve the world around you.


"If the boys don't learn, then men won't know."

- Douglas Wilson


However, as every pupil needs a teacher every male needs a father who was purposed by our creator to be the example, counselor and teacher for the boy. In many homes, in many cities and countries this is unfortunately not the case.

Well, there is hope. This is the major reason why Men Magnifying, the Book and the Movement exist. We want to empower every male, especially those who have no fatherly example. The good news is that we can learn and grow regardless of what life gave us. We want to assist every male in his growth and development. We are hooked on the truth that Iron sharpens Iron. We can empower one another to be better. Better men, better brothers, better husbands, better fathers and better citizens. Join the movement today.

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